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Alaskan Malamute Champions of Ice Age Kennel.....

Chaos Curly Sue CD, CGC - Curly... not a Champion but out first titled Malamute and the first Malamute I showed in conformation after two "Show" Malamutes did not turn out with either quality or health issues. Curly was in advanced obedience when I started showing her in conformation, even though I decided to not finish her AKC Ch, she did earn her CD very quickly placing 2nd and 3rd over all breeds!!! Curly Sue was an AMAZING teacher and we miss her dearly still to this day!!!


AKC Ch R.R's The Rainbows End - Bo... Bo was our first AKC Ch, after trying to get into conformation with two female from the same breeder that did not work out, we changed breeders and the sex of what we where looking for and went with a less well known and non-AMCA breeder that HEALTH tested her dogs before breeding. We finely got our "show" malamute and hit the ring!!! Bo finished in limited showing with some very nice wins under heavy competition, taking Best of Breed over a top twenty special his first time in the ring after finishing his AKC Ch. Bo had an amazing temperament and produced four litter for us, to include our first registered therapy dog! 

Czech Rep Born, AKC Am Ch Happy Day Inditarod - Happy...... After more health issues with trying to get a female from US show breeders, we imported a lovely puppy bitch from Inditarod Kennel in the Czech Rep. Happy took her first point on the day she turned six months old and quickly singled out by the time she was eight months old. It took us a while to find majors, double entering her in shows every weekend as majors where hard to come by back then, it took many more dogs to build them back in the day!!! Happy finely took her majors going winners and best of winners over the big boys to finish her AKC Ch and becoming the first Czech. Rep AKC/Am Ch in breed history!!!

Czech Rep Born, AKC Group Winner, Am Ch Chupak's Chief Inditarod - Zeezee..... What can we say, we where now hooked on the Inditarod import kids by now and brought over our 2nd Malamute from Inditarod Kennel. Zeezee was not the type of dog you see in the mid west, more East/West cost type and yet he blazed throught his AKC Ch knocking off much older dogs with his STUNNING side gait and his flashy sable coat!!!! Zeezee finished his AKC Championship with FOUR majors going BOB over specials and taking a Group IV placement from the classes!!! This guy has one of the BEST TEMPERAMENTS I have ever had on an Alaskan Malamute!!!!

Mult. BIS, RBIS, AKC/Intr Ch. Totempole N Sharaden Sam I Am  - Sam... Sam came to us from the east coast and is a true show man, show him the cookie and he will show all day long!!! Sam finished his AKC Championship just shortly after Zeezee going best of winners for his last major. Sam is a Multiple BIS and Gold Cup winner in the International show ring and possesses wonderful breed type. Sam was never bred as there where to many health issues that can along with the breeding that produced him and event though he himself is health we could not take the risk in breeding him.

AKC Ch Shekinah's Dream Weaver - Daphne.... It took us YEARS to find our US bred female, HEALTH, sweet as could be, Daphne was what I would call as EASY keeper!!!!! Daphne had a slow start in the conformation show ring, she just did not really like it. Daphne did take a few points from the puppy class, even going BOS over a top twenty bitch from the 6-9 month class!!! We held Daphne up a bit letting her just be a dog and brought her back out when she was 18 months old. Daphne lit the ring on fire, she took her first and second majors quickly and finished her AKC championship with yet two more back to back majors. Daphne has been such a big part in what we have built our foundation from. Daphne is the dam of AKC, UKC, Nat/Inter JR CH Ice Age's Bust a Nut WWPD, WWPDX, WWPDA, IWPA WWPD, WWPDX, WWPDS, IRONDOG IDWP2, IDWP3 - Ratchet (The most Titled weight pull dog in Breed History), and Daphne is the Grand Dam to Mult. BIS Bred-By Puppy, RUBIS Bred-By Adult AKC, Inter Ch Ice Age's Jack Knife, WPD, WWPD, WWPDX - Jake

Czech Rep Born AKC Ch La Grande Bella Inditarod - Bella... Yes another IMPORT!!!! I was not planning to get Bella, she was to go to another breeding here in the US. When that breeder back out I quickly decided she had to come to the US as part of the Ice Age pack! I have always loved the quality that her Dam Bazi produced in Happy and just could not pass up on her half sister Bella! Bella wasted no time in finishing her AKC Championship smacking off Winners and Best of Winners at almost every show I entered her in, finishing her AKC Ch on the day she turned nine month old, ranked the #3 Class and Puppy bitch in the Nation!!! Belle just like Daphne has become a MAJOR player in the Ice Age line! Bella was bred only one time but has put her mark on the quality that we have today, producing BOSS AKC/Group Winner UKC/ Multi BIS Inter Ch Ice Age's I'll Be There for You - Phoebe!

RUBISS Am/Aust. Ch Firestorm's Master Chief - Halo... Halo was our next boy from a US breeder, a half brother to Daphne out of one of the best producing males of all time Am/Can Ch Wild Wind's Royal Mounty WM, ROM. Halo finished his AKC Ch with a BOB win from the classes over a top twenty special bitch for his first major from the puppy class!!! Halo took some AMAZING wins at the 2007 AMCA Reg/Nat show and finished that year as a top ranked puppy!!!! Halo was breed twice here in the US, once to Bella producing Phoebe -  BOSS AKC/UKC/Intr Ch Ice Age's I'll Be There for You. And once to Daphne, both the Grand parents to Jake - Multi. BIS Bred-by puppy AKC/Intr Ch Ice Age's Jake Knife, WPD, WWPD, WWPDX. Halo has left his mark of his quality on the Ice Age line and is now living in Australia with friends and has produce multiple Aust. Champions!!! 

BOSS AKC/Multi Group UKC/Multi BIS Inter Ch Ice Age's I'll Be There for You - Phoebe... Phoebe is from the Halo x Bella breeding, the epitome of what I have work so hard for the last twenty years to produce. She is the amazing breed type we like to see in a bitch and the quality of health we have spent the last twenty years looking to achieve!!! What can I say about Phoebe, she is my first Bred-By Champion as we would not settle for anything less then perfection before we moved forward and dedicated ourselves to show a malamute that had our kennel name to it. Phoebe is a Multiple BIS Bred-By, Mult. Group Placer, Inter. Ch, Multi. Group Placer UKC Ch, BOSS/BOB/BOS AKC Champion taking her BOSS at the 2011 Regional specialty Breeder/Owner handled under a long time breeder/owner/handler judge her first time back in the ring as a champion!!! Phoebe ended the 2011 year ranked the #9 special bitch in the Nation. Phoebe was bred one time to Multiple BISS GCh Amook's A Day at The Races - Winston to produce Amook's Victory Lap - Smoke, who already has both his majors and our new up and coming star Ice Age's Thong and Dance - Britney 

Group winner AKC/UKC/RUBIS INTL/NTL jr Ch ICE AGE"S BUST A NUT, WWPD, WWPDX, WWPDA, IWPA WPD, WPDX, WPDS, IRONDOG IDWP1, IDWP2, IDWP3, IDWPCH, IDWPGRCH. APA Star 5 - Ratchet... Ratchet is a Daphne son and my 2nd Bred-By Champion, and my 2nd Owner Handler Group Placer from the Classes. Ratchet finished his AKC Championship in limited showing going Best of Breed over top twenty specials, taking a Group IV from the Bred-By class! Ratchet won the Working dog class at the 2011 AMCA Regional show and won his class and most weight pulled at the 2011 AMCA Regional and National show. Ratchet followed up his AMAZING weight pull win at the 2011 AMCA Specialty show by doing it again in 2013 taking his class and most weight pulled at the 2013 AMCA Regional and National Specialty show. Ratchet has the heart of a lion when it comes to weight pulling and is the ONLY coated breed to ever be honored with his likeness on the APA National Championship shirt!!! Ratchet competed in the APA weight pull championship pulling his high of 9,630lds on rails!!! Ratchet is the most titled weight pull dog in breed history!!!!

RUBIS AKC/Inter. Ch Ice Age's Jack Knife, WPD, WWPD, WWPDX - Jake..... Jake is our 3rd AKC Bred-By Champion at Ice Age Kennel and RUBIS Bred-By Adult - Mult. Bred-By BIS Puppy, Mult. Group Placer, Nat./Inter. Baby Champion. Jake is a Halo and Daphne Grandson out of our Import male Hawk, a Great Nephew to Zeezee. Jake is a stunning combination of our American and Import Malamutes, just like Phoebe bring the best of both worlds together with amazing breed type and the health to go along with it! Jake took both his majors by the time he was seven month old winning over much older dogs! Jake finished his AKC Championship with multiple Best of Breed Wins from the Bred-By Class! Jake has earned his WPD, WWPD and WWPDX in only four weight pull shows and is now officially working dog titled!!! We can not wait to see what the future hold for this guy, he is one of the best dogs we have produced in over 22yrs with this breed!!!!

Nat/Inter Ch Ice Age's Thong and Dance - Britney

BIS Inter Ch Fortuna Vasilyev Ostrov - Maya

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