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To better validate our health screening program starting in Aug. of 2008 we will start doing only VPI health check on all our dogs, for ALL health checks not just hips/elbows! A personal scanner has been purchased and we will be using this to prove that we have the same dog in hand as on paper. All our dogs are micro chipped and have DNA on file with the AKC for permanent ID!

Gen. Health:

We are now doing eye checks through the OFA, you can search for ALL our health test  @   The new OFA Eye form has VPI added to it, VERIFIED PERMANET IDENTIFICATION

We are currently doing health checks on Hips and Elbows, X-Rays are sent into the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for evaluation, results can be found at . We have eyes checked by a board certified, veterinary ophthalmologists and results can be seen at the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) and as of 2013 New Eye registry with the OFA . We started doing Cardio checks in early 2007 and now all our dogs have their cardio clearance done by a board certified Cardiologist, results can be found at . In early 2008 we started doing Thyroid checks, blood samples are sent into an OFA approved laboratory and the results can be found at . We have DNA Profiles on our dogs, as well as donate blood samples to the AKC Canine Health Foundation for future DNA research studies to improve the health of the breed!

Alaskan Malamute Polyneuropathy (AM-PN):

PN testing is now available at U of MN. Forms and submission information are available on their website.


CHD: CHD Program Suspended after AMCA Numbered Dogs produces a dwarf

Chondrodysplasia Certification (also known as dwarfism and CHD): Causes severe and visible deformities in the front of a Malamute, namely bent and twisted legs. While it's been around for a long, long time, it is a very rare thing to occur. Many Alaskan Malamutes are certified via the Alaskan Malamute Club of America due to unbroken certification of ancestors through test breeding. Unfortunately, every once in a while a CHD Malamute turns up in a normal breeding program, with and without the AMCA CHD Certificate. Other Alaskan Malamutes cannot get the certification due to no test breeding (breeding to a known carrier of the disease only brings the probability down to 6.25%, it does not clear a dog), failure of historic Malamute breeders to secure the certificate of ancestors in a timely manner or disregard, disgust for the entire process. We have our malamutes certified through the Alaskan Malamute Club of Victoria (AMCV), the AMCV researches at least 10 generations in every pedigree before they will give a pass/fail rating. Half of the money that the AMCV takes in goes back to health research for the Alaskan Malamute for the betterment of the breed as a whole!


AMCA Numbered Dogs Produce Dwarf - AMCA CHD Number Program dropped and new guide line set up.


       *** We were proud to have our Malamutes a part of the Thyroid study at the U of MN, it is after all about the betterment of the breed ***


Please check the OFA web site or see hard copies of current health checks - never just take a breeders word for their dogs health clearances.
A clearance number will be give to any dog passing their health clearance, make sure the clearance number matches the dogs registration name and the clearance is current per test as some are only good for one year. VPI scan is preferred!!!

Below are examples of what to look for when checking the OFA web site for health clearances, Notice breeders claims of health clearances and then see if they show up on the OFA site. Searching the OFA web site by kennel name is the easiest thing to do but you can also look up a dog by their registered name! Follow the link to the dogs page in the OFA data base! If anyone need help to navigate the OFA web site feel free to call and we can walk you through it! The examples below have no reflection of the quality of puppy, or pedigree, only as an example of what to look for while searching for a puppy and the health checks being done on each of the parents! Please do your research on the breed and health issue that go along with the breed before you buy and go to a breeder that breeds with the interest of the future of the breed first at heart! 
Where to start: Go to link... Searching via a kennel name: Click on "Advanced Search" on the left side of the page --- Put Kennel name in the search field --- click on first or any part of name (any = kennel name on the front or back side of the registered name) --- highlight breed searching under and click on Begin Search.

Names of dogs with health clearances ONLY will appear. also dogs with OPEN registries on dogs with health issues. Find the registered dogs you are looking for and click on the name. If you can NOT find the dog you are looking for they do NOT have any OFFA health clearances!!!!!! A Prelim may or may not be on the web site, but do not be misled the breeder WILL HAVE a hard copy of the OFFA Prelim if the dogs has been tested. If the breeder can not present it then it HAS NOT BEEN OFFA Prelim!!!! 
After clicking on the name of the dog, a list of health clearances for that dog will appear along with any close relative of the dog. You will also need to look at the date the health clearance was done (Test/Film Date), some health clearances are ONLY good for one year from the time of test and will need to be re-done to retain clearance on the dog.
You will see with this link how important it is to have health checks, we have learned the hard way! The link below shows our dog we allowed to be bred to someone's bitch even though she said her female had health clearances, but no proof. At least two, maybe more developed a SAS, one died at 18 months old! You will see multiple health checks on the sire, but non on the dam of the litter. I found out later that the Grandam on the Dams side had died of congestive heart failure. This shows why it is so important that the sire and the dam BOTH have health checks for the best chance of getting a healthy puppy!!!

Clearance Numbers:
Phoebe: Retired from breeding program
CHD: AMCV - 166    Hips: AM-13042G24F-VPI    Elbows: AM-EL632F24-VPI    Eyes: AM-3035    Cardio: AM-CA124/13F/C-VPI    Alaskan Malamute Polyneuropathy (AMPN): Genotype N/N (Free)   CHIC: 73185    
AKC DNA: V650191   Long Coat DNA: N/F    DNA Blood Sample to the AKC Canine Health Foundation
Hips: Prelim - Good @ 22months   Elbows: Prelim - Normal@ 22months   Eyes:  AM-EYE23/22F-VPI    Cardio:  AM-CA213/22F/P-VPI    Patella:  AM-PA41/22F/P-VPI        Thyroid: N/A     PN DNA Test: Clear By Parentage    
CHIC:          AKC DNA:    

 Bella: Retired from breeding program
Hips - AM-12468F26F-VPI    Elbows - AM-EL445F26-VPI    Eyes - AM-2627    Cardio - AM-CA32/33F/C-VPI    Thyroid - AM-TH66/31F-VPI    TGAA ( thyroglobulin autoantibody ) - Negative    
CHIC - 51841  AKC DNA - V528062    DNA Long Coat test - N/F

Daphne: Retired from breeding program
CHD: AMCA-13789    Hips - AM-12383G24F-VPI    Elbows - AM-EL414F24-VPI    Eyes - AM-2672    Cardio - AM-CA7/36F/C-VPI    Thyroid - AM-TH62/34F-VPI    
TGAA ( thyroglobulin autoantibody ) - Negative    CHIC - 45398    AKC DNA - V514449    DNA Long Coat test - N/N
Holly: Retired, health issues we do not want to bring forward into a breeding program.
 Hips: AM-13352G33F-VPI   Elbows: AM-EL747F33-VPI  Eyes: AM-EYE38/33F-VPI    Cardio:  FAILED    CHIC: 88301   Thyroid - AM-TH127/33F-VPI     
Alaskan Malamute Polyneuropathy (AMPN): Genotype N/N (Free)     AKC DNA: V641281
CHD: AMCV - 167   Hips: OFA Excellent AM-13382E26M-VPI   Elbows: Normal AM-EL758M26-VPI)   Patella: AM-PA35/26M/P-VPI    Eyes:  AM-EYE20/37M-VPI   AKC DNA: V628429   
Cardio:  AM-CA186/25M/C-VPI     Alaskan Malamute Polyneuropathy (AMPN): Genotype N/N (Free)      CHIC:   89237    DNA Blood Sample to the AKC Canine Health Foundation
Hawk: Retired from breeding program
CHD: AMCV - 168     Hips - AM-13215E24M-VPI     Elbows - AM-EL692M24-VPI      Eyes - AM-360572     Cardio - AM-CA161/17M/C-PI      Thyroid -    N/A        
CHIC -  81692          AKC DNA - V636434        
Ratchet: Retired from weight pulling and breeding program, health issues behind him that we do not wish to bring forward into a breeding program.
CHD: AMCA - 14145    Hips - AM-13132G26M-VPI    Elbows - AM-EL663M26-VPI    Eyes -  AM-EYE37/39M-VPI     Cardio -  AM-CA166/40M/C-VPI    Thyroid:  Equivocal (Done 2/17/13)    
Alaskan Malamute Polyneuropathy (AMPN): Genotype N/N (Free)    CHIC -  85245      AKC DNA - V641282     DNA Long Coat test -

Halo: Living with friends in Austr.

CHD - AMCA-13790    Hips - AM-12490G24M-VPI    Elbows - AM-EL449M24-VPI    Eyes - AM-2728    Cardio - AM-CA26/30M/C-VPI    Thyroid - AM-TH63/28M-VPI    TGAA ( thyroglobulin autoantibody ) - Negative 

CHIC - 52673   Alaskan Malamute Polyneuropathy (AMPN): Genotype N/N (Free)     AKC DNA - V528061    DNA Long Coat test - N/F    DNA Blood Sample to the AKC Canine Health Foundation

Zeezee: Retired from breeding program
CHD: AMCV - 170    Hips - AM-12178G34M-VPI    Elbows - AM-EL371M34-VPI    Eyes - AM-EYE19/74M-VPI    Cardio - AM-CA6/59M/C-VPI    Thyroid - AM-TH64/55M-VPI    
TGAA ( thyroglobulin autoantibody ) - Negative    CHIC - 37895     AKC DNA - V393064    DNA Long Coat test - N/F    DNA Blood Sample to the AKC Canine Health Foundation






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