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Kids and Mals - Temperament !!!

Temperament should be a strong point to any breeding program, a well bred malamutes should have no problems adjust to a solid family life with the proper training and socialization. With a large breed dog like an Alaskan Malamute even the sweetest dog can hurt a small child without intention, never leave a small child with any dog unattended! A large breed dog like the Alaskan Malamute can out grow a small child in a very short time, it is very important to start a young malamute out with a good puppy class and follow through with an obedience class. Teach children how to love, respect a puppy and never let a puppy come to harm from any childs hands! A solid fenced in yard is a must to keep a young energetic dog out of trouble. Our dogs are raised with children and we have no room for a malamute with a bad temper! Never think of a malamute as a cute puppy, a malamute pup is a young dog in training! Do not let a puppy get away with something you do not want the older dog to do when it is full grown. All my dogs have a good heart and they adore me as I adore them! A good dog can be bred, but a great dog is made! If you start out with a puppy bred for a good temperament, train and socialize that puppy, you will have a friend for life!


Breeding, Training, and Socialization Pay off in the end! 

Daphne and Zeezee with Krissy Thanksgiving Day












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